Has anyone ever tried to save you from sin, error, or evil? Then youve been offered redemption! Come consider some new ways youu might practice our faith as a continuation of your own spiritual journey of “authentic redemption.”

The Gift in Our Genes

Musical Service: It seems more people than ever are devoting time and energy to answering the fundamental questions, “who am I and where did I come from?” While our present-day relationships with family may run the gamut from complicated to painful, the fact that any of us exist at all is might be also be … Continued

Heaven and Hell: This Life or the Next?

The concepts of Heaven and Hell cut across various religions, cultures and historical eras. They have been expressed in holy texts, Renaissance art, and modern movies as places in which people will go after they die, and where they will spend eternity. But what if Heaven and Hell arent just about the afterlife, but about … Continued